Local Social Networks

People are generally physically collocated for a common reason: in a football match because of a football club, in a music festival because of a band, or in a birthday party for the particular occasion.

It is impossible to share media content with people around us whom we don’t know, although we would all like to have as much content as possible from the event.

DataHop Solution: Publish content locally and privately without relying on platforms that monetise personal data – and get rewarded.

Local Meeting Material

Sharing meeting material with people in the same room has traditionally been painful. File-sharing apps (e.g., Dropbox, GoogleDrive) require knowledge of usernames. Impossible to do in practice, at scale!

DataHop Solution: Local, shared, virtual storage space, for real-time data synchronization.

Emergency and Disaster Response

In case of disaster scenarios, the communication network is the first infrastructure element to be affected. People and first responders are left without any means of communication for emergency response. In the 2011 East Japan Earthquake, up to 60% of the cell stations were not operational in the first few days after the event.

DataHop Solution: End-user devices form a mesh of information propagation nodes to cover affected areas.

Communications in Disconnected environments

Despite breakthrough advances in several areas of communications in the last decades, there are still several occasions where people find themselves disconnected. In such environments, sharing content locally between devices (e.g., sharing un-interrupted music or video content in underground environments) in a secure manner and without breaking DRM rules has not been possible before.

DataHop Solution: D2D communications allow distributing content in disconnected or congested areas.

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